Wiring up the razor weld plasma cutter

I received a new razor weld 45 with my XR and cables that need to have the connectors soldered to the cables. I have no idea which wire needs to be soldered to which pin on the plasma cutter voltage output port. I also received a cable with two spade connectors which I am assuming I need to cut off and attach to the plasma cutter for on/off control. The assembly instructions up to this point have been excellent, this should have been listed in them.

Should already have the cnc ports to put the wires and voltage divider !!

He’s talking about the connectors that need to be attached to the wires that plug into the ports. Some machines just come with the loose connectors that need to be soldered onto the wires.

The cable with spade connectors should be the torch firing wire. Mine had red spade connectors and both wires were white.

I can’t help with which pin is which for the divided voltage.