Windows 11 Update?

Looking to purchase a new laptop for CNC table, Crossfire gen 2 with Water table, THC and XL . I see lots of information coming out about Window 11. Do you have any idea if firecontrol will operate properly with Windows 11? Do you have a plan to upgrade the software once Windows 11 is pushed out. Timeline?

My current laptop is having issues and I would like to know if I need to get a new one before they change to 11 in order to keep my system running…


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I would just buy a refurb windows 10 laptop from and not worry about Windows 11. Simple solution at $300-400.

Just tried 20.6.2 on windows 11. It gets to splash screen and dies. No errors.

But I don’t have it hooked up the USB / Control box on table - it’s on my desk. I thought it got to the main screen without USB, though.

Downloaded 21.1.0 beta version from forum link. It starts up and loads properly - but I’ve not cut with it yet.