Why no lead-out with THC

In the instructions for Fusion 360 CAM (Crossfire Pro):
Its says:

When generating toolpaths for the CrossFire PRO with THC, use NO lead out to avoid losing arc voltage at the end of a cut.

Why is that? I was under the impression that a lead out would improve the quality of the area near the end of the cut dramatically.

There is a chance that you could get an lost voltage error, but it really isn’t a problem in my experience.

If you are cutting a part where the center falls out, the arc could go out when the center falls out and before the lead out is complete. This would cause a lost voltage error and stop the program.

In reality, as long as the lead out is short enough, the arc won’t go out fast enough to throw the error.


Ohh I see, I was thinking about outside cuts where there is always material and it should not make any difference… but in the case of a hole yeah, even though as you said it should be quick enough to not have any real effect. Maybe if using long lead-ins for some reason (thick material etc), the lead-out could be set to just as a couple of millimeters.
The default lead-in settings explained in the video

Always make it annoying to clean up on material 1/8" or above in my experience