Why is this happening

I’m trying to do my first cut with my new table and im getting this warning.

is there enough loose slack on your lines hanging down from the support pole.
this would happen is the THC can not lower down easily…
check all your lines…hoses…make sure there is slack to move

Yes Sir, and I’ve run it on dry run and works fine with the slack in the main torch cable. I’ve pulled the cover off both units and tested with a dvom for the trigger and all is good…(NO SHORTS)… I’ve dry fired multiple times and torch is working great manually. I’ve got 5 hrs into this Brand new unit and im not impressed with it.

Please note that on the dry run mode the THC or the IHS are not active.
So this means there is most likely an issue with your connections.

To possibly help sort out your issues can you clarifiy a few things?
Are you using a Crossfire Pro or the Standard 2x2 crossfire?
what post processor program are you using Sheetcam or (con)Fusion360?

2x2 with razorweld cut45 with 45x torch . I went to fire share and downloaded a ready to cut file. Its the navy seal logo.

you have a couple of very basic problems…that are easy to solve.

your 2x2 table does not have Torch Height Control…that is why you are getting your error.

in Fire Control you need to turn off THC…because you do not have that feature on your table.
try that to start…see if it helps…if not then we have to look at the program you downloaded.

The second thing, and do not get upset with this comment…everyone here is willing to help, but when we ask questions it is best that we have all the information we ask…do you not have a post processor program to work with yet?


Yes Sir,
I have the newest version of sheetcam.
I believe that its the ready to cut as its thc only. But when I try to download it where I can make changes it will not download.

Trust me I really appreciate your help and support!
I’m really trying to make this logo for Captain Ron Yaw retired Navy Seal. One of the first.

OK…then did you turn off THC in Firecontrol?

the file says it was made for IHS/THC…so that may be the problem

let me look into it…

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You’re right on the money! OP simply needs to post the code without IHS and THC commands and will run fine on his CrossFire.


I’ve left a message on the post asking if he could. I’m not sure if he will get or how long. If anyone else has it I would really appreciate it!
Many thanks for your time and effort on this matter !

I think we are still not on the same page. You can get this going by changing your settings when post processing the file in sheetcam. If you need help with this, I’m available by phone to talk you through it. Send me a private message or email at brownfoxmaterials@gmail.com

Look in your junk mail… I sent two emails

Are you saying that if I bough the 2 x 2 and also the THC, that the THC does not work with the 2 x2 table?
When I ordered my 2x2 I also bought the THC and expansion. Did I buy something that I be able to use?

You are looking at a 1 year old post! You bought what you want and it will work (and wasn’t available a year ago).

Sheweee…thank you