Which plasma would you choose?

Which plasma cutter would you choose, primeweld cut 60 or the everlast 82i ?

I think the prime weld has been taken off the approved list at Langmuir. Alot of them work perfectly and some just give people a fit.

Motorman416@aol.com forgot more about plasma cutters than anyone I know of.

I use the Everlast 82i without a problem. According to a recent post they only have a couple left. The 52i and the 62i are excellent also.


The Everlast 82i is a good choice, just remember the consumables only go down to 50 amp. So if you plan on doing thin stuff you will need to get a new torch.


I just ordered the Everlast 62i cnc package w/machine torch

As i tell everyone who gets an everlast…connect RAW voltage to the terminal lugs inside the Plasma cutter in the front, there are pictures I have posted here for this, the CNC plug is pins 1&2 for torch on/off.


Thanks, I saw your post about the raw voltage connection.

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Don’t risk the Cut 60 unless they already have the updated version they said was coming out. If you get a bad one, you will be miserable.

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Thank you guys, I ordered the everlast 82i with machine torch.