Where can I find the computer stand file

I want to build the computer stand for the crossfire like I see in the videos. Is it available?


Go to the fireshare above

Then go to explore

Enter the word laptop and search

It should return you back the file you are looking for.

Have fun!

I think he means the one that attaches to leg of table if im correct the one on fireshare is not the one.

You can buy it as an accessory but the design file isn’t available. It’s $85but you have to go to “configure your Crossfire” to find it on the website. It’s not in the Store link.

Not sure how to order it separately - an email to Support should fix you up. I think that’s how they were doing other add-ons.

Thanks for the reply’s, I guess I’ll come up with something different.

Someone here made one of their own. If they see this post they might pipe up. Otherwise a search on the forum might find it and a message to them might get you their file.