What plasma cutter 220v

Looking to buy a 220v plasma cutter for the crossfire what options do I have for the thickest cut? Thanks

Everlast 62i…

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Welcome to the gang. And your check book determines what Plasma cutter is your option. Get the best you can afford. So many brands that work well. Just make sure its compatable.

I’m running a Everlast 62i. Works great on my pro table

I was just looking at the everlast seem to be very good value. What sizes have ye tried cutting with it on the table? And thanks​:+1::+1:

I had an older version of the Everlast 52i…and I managed to get it to pierce through the sidewall of railway track steel…it took some work…but it made it through.
I even mamaged to hand cut straight cuts through 1/4" Stainless…so the new 62i will do better I expect.

The Hypertherm Powermax 85 would be the best choice, unless you have a 200 amp service in the place your using for the cnc table.