What have you guys found best?

I have a project I am currently getting into fusion, and wonder what you guys would say as far as feed rate? I’m cutting very basic shapes out of 1/4” plate. Is there a general place to start for 1/4” besides the amps off the plasma? I’m running an everlast 50s.



I’m just a newb as well, but it does seem as though every cutter NOT Hypertherm leaves some guessing to you. I think there are some users here putting together a cut chart for the 50S similar to the one for the Razorweld.

Someone with more knowledge might chime in, but on my RW I seemed to have decent results at 20IPM at 45 AMPS, so my guess is if you max out the 50S you 25IPM should be a decent starting point.

Thanks for the info! That’s Good to know. I can’t wait to try it!

I’m running a Lotos supreme Cut 60D (not an everlast like you but another data point)
I’m running 47-48 Ipm at 49-50Amps at about 50PSI (this is a little more amps, and less PSI than the owners manual states) With these settings I get almost no slag/dross on the top or bottom (when I remember to hook the ground up :roll_eyes:)

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Thanks a lot @maleybr have you found a good place to find recommended feed rates, or is it just trial and error?

There should be a cut chart from the manufacturer either on the machine somewhere or in the owners manual (I just downloaded the om from the manufacturer’s website to my phone and my Laptop that runs the table. That way I have it handy and don’t have to worry about setting it on fire or getting it wet)
The manufacturer’s chart is a good starting point then you can play with it a bit. a little more air, a little less amps, a little more amps, a bit less air until you are happy with the results.

After I posted this I went and found the everlast manual. They don’t have a cut chart. But inthemountainsmatt here on the forums posted his Google sheets of settings he uses on his everlast 50 to help folks out.
Jamesdhatch here also posted one for the razorweld unit (again more data points or places to start from)

Hopefully that gets you started. You will want to start your own list of what works best for you as well. Your compressor, types of steel/metals you use can change the settings that work best for you. If you do start a spreadsheet share it here! the more we learn the better the community is.

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