What computer would you recommend for the Crossfire XR?

Im getting ready to start a bussiness in the next few months. And im contemplating which computer to get. Would luke some recommendations. Windows, applemac etc…

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You can use practically any Windows 10/11 computer to CONTROL your XR. If you’re asking about a computer for the design side of things then it would help to know what kinds of things you want to design.

Typically users use CAD programs like Fusion 360, which has published system requirement on the Autodesk website. If you’re doing more artwork, then that’s a wide open set of tools that would produce 2D vectors (SVG or DXF) that would be post processed by a CAM tool like SheetCam. I believe SheetCam only runs on Windows or Linux platforms but doesn’t have any significant system requirements. Checkout Downloads

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Im new to this. id like to do basic designs that companies would like. instustrial work

You could start with QCAD which is free to low cost depending on what features you want, but for your computer I would recommend getting something that will run Fusion 360 just so you don’t have to buy up when you’re ready to move up.

Re Fusion, you can get a hobbyist’s license, there are a couple of posts in this forum that provide links (use the Search tool to find them) and that will give you most of the capability you need for a plasma cutter. Eventually you’ll probably want to buy a single user license which is probably around $450USD per year.

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I’m a veteran, so I took advantage of the solidworks veteran discount. $25 for a fully licensed version. I found a computer on sale through Amazon that had the required components to run solidworks. The computer was under $1,000. I bought my monitor at Best Buy locally. It was a little pricey, but I wanted to run one monitor instead of two so I got the 34” wide screen.


I’ve got a mac will parallels on it. I prefer the mac but I can run both at the same time. So I can run Fusion 360 in one window and in another I have sheetcam running on a virtual PC. One more tip, I have an older mac in the shop not much good for anything else but it does that fine. I have plugged in a hard drive to the USB port on my router which creates shared drive, and save all my cut files there. then when I go to the shop, pull off that same shared drive. No need to manually transfer files or email them to myself.

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