What are the limitations of the Everlast 50s?

For some of you guys here using the machine, is capable of cutting 1/2" aluminum on the cnc?

It might cut thru it but 1/2" aluminum is asking a lot out of the 50s. Aluminum dissipates heat extremely fast. Much much faster then steel and therefore your need more amperage.

For me when sizing a machine I always take its cut capacity (not severance capacity) and divide that by 2 to get its aluminum capacity.

If you plan on cutting a lot of 1/2" aluminum I would go with at least an 80s if not the 100s. Assuming your buying an everlast.

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I will be cutting very, very little. But every once in awhile a may have a project in 1/2" aluminum or stainless. Maybe once a year………

Typically all of my cutting is under 1/4". Time is also not an issue, so I can slow the machine down.

I’m trying to figure out where to draw the line when spending the money. I’ve about talked myself into an 80s. IT comes with a NEMA 60 Plug. I have 55 amp breaker and outlet available to me. Its inrush is 58 amps, think that is sufficient?