Western Connecticut

hello plasma world
i just purchased the crossfirepro last week. how long did it take to get the machines? is it 5-7 weeks? anyway i bought QCADpro and Sheetcam. so in the mean time i will be learning these programs. never did cad/cam before. also is there a way to use FireControl without the machine here? anyway let me know and check out my profile for a more indepth detail about me.

Welcome to the forum! I was raised in Bethel and there are a few members from CT, notably @jamesdhatch and @ctgolfer.

There is a thread going talking about when various people ordered systems and who has gotten theirs. I think there was a quality problem that was being fixed and created a backlog. It’s rather recent so it shouldn’t be hard to find.


Welcome , I’m in NH also waiting for my machine as @TomWS says there is a thread on that find it and it will update you regularly. I would say buckle up it is going to be.a while. It seems there is not currently a way to use fire control without the machine. I’m surprised no one has figured that one out yet. Seems like you could connect up a simulator via an arduino or something.


Welcome to the machine.

I ordered my Pro Aug 30, 21
and will called it on Oct. 25th.
I believe it was ready 10 days before I could get down there to pick it up.

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