Well that was rude of me

I just skipped over the introductions and started asking questions.

So I’m getting older and don’t want to go to a regular job anymore. I am an Automotive Tech for forty years now, have had 2 shops of my own and I’m what they call a Jack of all trades (master of none). I do all household repairs ei , plumbing, electrical, home improvements.

Now that I’ve been doing more welding and fabrication I think I finally found something I like doing. I already am semi retired, working 3 days a week and the Plasma Table has been on my mind for a while now as a way to make extra cash. Unfortunately I’m coming to the realization that nothing comes cheap, even a budget CNC Plasma system.

I’m liking everything I’m reading about your company so far but I have reservations, no one is doing what you are at this price point and I’m just wondering how. If it’s because you want to make a quality product , and stand behind it, at a fair price I think I’m gonna be all in!

Gee’s, now for that realization. Why not get the Pro now since if I’m going to commit, well just do it right. Then a decent Plasma machine, or and my current compressor will certainly not do. Not sure what else but I’m sure I’ll find out.

Ok, too much info likely.

I’ll be back!


welcome, This rabbit hole is really…deep…

Unless you have a shop setup and running, even if you do…budget 2x what table is itself.

You don’t get a couple hundred dollars of dxf’s to plug in, you don’t get “a ready to run cnc plasma table” that you push a button and shit pops out, kinda like criscut type vinyl cutters, I bought my budget plotter knowing that it was an awesome platform BUT I knew I had to learn it, so I could do the magic.

This table is that…they give you a platform that you and your passion will move you forward…onto of that is the support…great folks and better than other companies…we just have work a little harder to get the product made.

By the way, the machines that are 3x more…
You have learn them also…ain’t no magical tail to pull and have rainbow unicorn farts appear…


I would say if your getting a PRO. Get it. You can add things like plasma cutter, Aircompressor , some way to dry your air. All that in time if you dont want to or cant just belly flop into it all. Buy once. Get the best you can afford so later you dont have to belly flop again costing more money. Speaking of belly. mine is full of smoked ribs…

Jim…you suck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I want ribs…:worried:

Getting ready to put some sockeye on the smoker…smoked salmon, German mustard and crackers in the hot tub…may call in tomorrow :mask: …cough…cough…


Well I’m a DIY, tinkering kind of guy, and I have a shop called “My Garage”. My garage is pretty cool thought. It has a lathe, band saw, table saw, miter saw, cold cut metal say, stick and mig welders, and right now I’m building an awesome expandable welding table.

I have also done a bit of programming and frankly G-code looks easy by comparison. I think CAD/CAM will be the steepest learning curve.

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Well I’m learning late in life, buy once, cry once.

I like ribs


sheetcam is the shit, download free version and have it open on 1 monitor and have arclights videos on 2nd monitor…very cool


It seems like one can put together a CNC table fairly cheap by sourcing all the parts and building it yourself. I looked into it years ago but thought there were too many variables in putting it together. I wished someone would just make a kit.

Seems that’s kind of what Langmuir did, while giving us a good frame and water table to build off of.

My Cricut cutter is what helped me develop my graphic designing more. But yeah, they give you a crap ton of free designs and you can select your cut portions based on color and not path… uhh where was I going with this.

Technically you could be up and running with the Pro for nothing more than the cost of the table, plasma, and air compressor plus a hose and filter. But if you’re the kind of person who wants this table, you’re likely to have grinders, ect.

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BrownFix, in 2012/13 I needed 200 sea turtles cut out for our bus project, @$3 a pcs :open_mouth::thinking: I bought a 24 inch uscutter machine and learned Inkscape and sircutsalot…you are so right, it is a journey of learning more and more…cheers bud!!!

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Am I correct to assume that if I get the Pro there is no software upgrade cost with Fire Control to get full function (more than 500 lines of code) like with Mach3?

Well you need a cam program to generate gcode so…yes you will need one. Seems like sheetcam. Is working good. BUT if you have a cam program you can modify a .pst to with this…other option is the ABOUT $150 sheetcsm. I could be way wrong on that tho

It says in the software workflow that Fusion does CAM as well, is that wrong?

I have no clue…I am ignorant to this…I am just a simple machinist that knows Mastercam and inkscape…alot more folks know better here

No, you are not wrong. That is correct. If you can work your way into understanding Fusion 360 and it meets all your design needs, you will not need SheetCam.


IMO, it was not ‘rude’ to start asking questions without introducing yourself. We’re a community of people with like interests (CrossFire, etc) and that is enough to qualify you as a member. Anything else is gravy, again, IMO.

Ask away and, when you feel comfortable with the crew, then you can go beyond that.