Welding top fab up

So last time moved I left behind my large welding table so when I saw #TY SCHWULST’s files on fireshare I looked into it because I hadn’t seen the welding tops with the holes before to use for clamping tools, I’ve always just had flat steel tops before.

I decided in the end to not use TY’s design but mine was very similar to his justvadjusted for my material.

Here are some photos. Also the one with the washers and screws through the top was how I leveled the sheet as I was going along so it was straightedge flat when I finished welding it up. You cant coun’t on hot steel staying straight when you plasma cut it the ribs had a bit of a bow… not so much you’d notice unless you were making straight edges heh…


Looks great!
I am going to build one myself…so I can use or make jigs to fabricate precisely.

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