Weird Whistling while plasma cutting

Has anyone had this weird whistling happen while cutting on their table? How do I prevent it? No I don’t have moist air, not in the winter at least.

Primeweld cut 60
Machine torch

Video of Whistling

that is strange…it is hard to tell…but is it coming from the torch cutting or is it coming from the table as it moves?

I’ve had whistling sounds when the torch gets close enough to another cutout that the air blows through the hole at just the right angle.

The torch. Though hard to tell. The table has no real vibration that could cause that.

What pressure are you running into your Prime cut?

I watch that video a few times. I can definitely hear the whistle. Like @toolboy said it’s kind of hard to tell where exactly it’s coming from.

I’ve dealt with some whistling issues before in ductwork design. There is a lot of physics to whistling.

With the limited information I have I would guess that it’s very high air pressure entering the machine is creating the first of the two types of whistles listed in that wiki page. (Monopole)

Change the consumables. Electrode, cutting tip and swirl ring the whistle should be gone.

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I’ll change out the swirl ring. Electrode and Nozzle are brand new so I would like to avoid making those garbage.

I had a electrode cause it before, a few times it was the cutting tip. Swirl rings are known to whistle.

Will the whistle affect the cut quality?

Some times it can, because it affects the cutting flames making it erratic.

mine does that from time to time and i also have the cut60 with machine torch. haven’t seen any cut quality issues. i think it’s just from the high velocity of air hitting the material at the perfect point that it creates a whistle. could be from the metal warping as it’s cutting or other factors.

it’s like blowing into a bottle at the right angle to produce the sound.