Water Table on PRO

Had a broad question, (especially seeing as many of you guys have been working with this unit for a long time now), about water tables.

I’m just beginning to receive my boxes. Just got the water table package. I do have a resource to get my table tig welded if I wanted. But, wanted to see all of your experiences with the pan. Has it been bad with just the silicon seal? On YouTube some people say it failed and went for the weld.

Any input would be awesome. A video on YouTube doesn’t mean someone sealed properly, etc. I’m no dummy. Lol

Thanks in advance, and I’m very stoked to see so many of you are so satisfied with LS.

Weld it!! IMO Better to weld it now before you mess with sealants that you will have to clean off in the future when they fail.

Welding is a permanent solution verses sealants that may be susceptible to failure in the future, if not right away. I have read on this forum that some have used various sealants/adhesives with success thus far. But why chance it if you have the means and opportunity to weld it now.

I welded mine as a novice TIG welder. Best decision I made during the assembly process knowing I would never have to worry about it in the future. Just my opinion. I’m sure others will chime in with theirs.

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3M 5200 fast set… takes all of 24 hrs to cure. Will never come apart again. Make sure you get the fast cure. Regular 5200 takes 7 days to cure.
Only come in white that I know about. You will have no leaks. Really strong stuff. Once had a boat with a Davit that needed repair. Unbolted it and had to have a fork truck pull it out. But only after it picked up the 20000 lbs boat first.

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I used the silicon that came with it. Thought I did a good job putting it together. It leaks☹️. I will be tearing apart soon. I thought about using the sealer we use at work but didn’t. I will when I redo it. Should just bring it in to work and get it tigged, but I’m a slow learner🤣

weld it…weld it…I do not care what people say…if meatal was to be glued they would glue it together…but it is bolted and welded…

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Lol thanks guys for that quick reply! I pretty much figured as much!

And also thanks for the adhesive suggestion! With how this supply chain junk going on is even affecting my employer here, I don’t wanna ask too much with how behind our fab dept. is.

Put it this way: 14 shts. 12ga. 304 SS were “on a boat” to our supplier for me on laser, 2 weeks after order. Nutty!

I had mine welded and had SS bolts welded in the holes that I could bolt to the frame. My screws were leaking water into the frame. Get coupling welded to the holes to attach a drain

I say stick with the 2x2 and you’ll never have a leak!

yes…but then you only cut half the projects with 2x the amount of indexing and 4x the frustration all adding up to…two times something…plus another two times the other thing…then multiply by 4 times…gets you an answer of…where was I going with this???

Oh ya…weld it…

to the conclusion that 95% or your work will fit onto a 2x2, leaving the other 75% of the table unused and leaking :rofl:

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I give up…you wine…oops that’s win…you win…

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I by passed the silicone and did a weld. I have not had any leaks.

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