Water Table Mods

Hello all,

I’m ordering my XR tomorrow or Friday when the bank is done with all their stuff. My main question is, is the water pan on the XR stainless like the pro? Is it just painted? I was going to slot it better for water passage then tig weld everything up. I have noticed that the XR has a painted pan and I might see if it’s possible to get it raw when I order if it is stainless.
I am also trying to go ahead and order bungs for each section to weld in for easier drainage so knowing what material would be helpful on that front. The only info I found on the XR page was that it has a 3.4" water table depth.
Has anyone done any water aerator on these to mitigate the gas from lots of aluminum cutting? I’ve worked in shops with no aerator and had lots of loud pops and booms from pierces. I’m pretty sure the building that I’m in would not appreciate that noise, so if I can stop in somehow, whether it’s just pumping water from one end of the table through a drain and pumping it back to the other or some other set up, it would be helpful.

Thank you

Water pan is painted mild steel…

Thank you. I appreciate it

I may be off topic but have seen some lasers that will burn 30mm wood or plastics takes a few passes it seems. has anyone seen any links putting a side head on an XR machine? Understood some control wiring internals are necessary. the XR may be too big for precision work but I could see some other applications with leather and thin wood etc. also the smaller laser cutters make several passes for thick material why not just go slow ?

I just built my own the way i wanted it to be setup. Maybe it will help you figure out what you want to do with yours.