Water table level issue

Those of you who have the water table, are you finding that the table is “happiest” with the table being out of level? In order to get my torch to track parallel with the slat, my table sits out of level, which puts higher water level on one side than the other. Curious if anyone else has had this issue.

Hi John,

Just so I am clear, you are adjusting the casters under the ‘Langmuir Systems’ tube in order to get the torch to track the slat that is farthest out in the positive X direction?

That step is needed because inevitably the frame of the machine will be out of flat to some degree when its just bolted together. Adjusting the casters ‘flexes’ the frame to the extent needed to achieve proper torch tracking.

In order to make the water level consistent, I recommend adjusting the 4 casters until you are happy with the water level. From there, adjust the two casters under the ‘langmuir’ tube to achieve proper torch tracking.

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That is correct, The torch is out at the furthest X-direction slat when I adjust the casters under the Langmuir systems tube.

I’ll adjust all 4 tonight to flatten out the water level and then readjust the 2 to track flat to the slats.


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