Water Table leaking bad

Have the OG Crossfire and my water table has been leaking for sometime a little bit here and there. Now I am up to full table leak out overnight. Looks like a have 1-2 main spots where it is leaking from, middle of the pan on each side. Have a 14 gallon tote under it to catch the water & dump back in the next day… LOL…Caveman Style.
I have new slats and will be cleaning up the unit and want to do something to fix this.
Thought I would then bedline the inside and outside off the pan.
I have a sheet of aluminum diamond plate I am thinking about cutting to fit down in the bottom of the pan and then slats on top of that.
Has anyone done anything similar… just curious if it works out?

any pictures you can post of the pan and drains…sounds like a drain thread issue.

No not really, more of either corrosion or burn through. Table is 3 yrs old.

reach out to langmuir…see what they charge for a new water pan…might be less than you think.

150 +tax & shipping on their site

I think they sold me one for $75 when I had the same issue on my OG.

Wait, you keep water in your water table? Waddaya thinking, man!
Fill, burn, drain, sleep… no sorry…
Fill burn, drain, drink, drink some more, sleep.
Yeah, that’s it.

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I do drain it I have it set up to drain into a reservoir tank and then blow it back in through the drain valve but if I leave it sit with water deliberately to see how long it takes to empty it drains out overnight, to see how much water it is losing & how fast

Is that an aluminum water table? The earliest machines had aluminum water tables before we switched to stainless.

To tell you the truth I’m not even sure I would have to stick a magnet on it find out I’ll be able to do that here in a bit let you know

300 series stainless isn’t magnetic. A magnet won’t help. Maybe you’ll get lucky and cold working the edge seam might have made it slightly magnetic.

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@langmuir-daniel I’m not really sure whether it’s aluminum or stainless to tell you the truth, I purchased it in 2018 I believe end of the year just before Christmas if I remember correctly

That’s why, although I have a stainless table, I have a 1/16" x 27"x 30" SS sheet that sits on 1/4" thick ss nuts (as spacers) below the slats on my water table. I also fill, cut, drain and sleep well!


Fill the leaks with 3M 5200 and use a SS sheet with spacers like I did.

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@Cletus 16th and sheet of aluminum would work just as well wouldn’t it?

I should think so.

Perfect cuz I have a piece of 1/6” in aluminum diamond plate that I really have no use for