Water table fluid

sorry for more questions about this…i have looked at Amazon for the Nitrite…they have 2lb food grade (pic) for $21.18 and

which says used in manufacturing…but then there is a 4oz fine granular one for $19…I’m not being picky about price, but wonder if the 4oz one is not like the other…also found a bagged one pound says Chemically pure for $16.99 …so the “type” is what i am making sure with you on what i need. SX342 nothing on amazon says Anti-rust additive…thank you in advance!

You want to get reagent grade, pure Sodium Nitrite, with no additives and, if you’re going to get more than 4 ounces, get it in a container that’s resealable because that’s all you’ll use for a long while.

I got this one as well. I like that it said “Food Grade” made importation so much easier! :rofl:
At first they sent the wrong thing (Potassium Hydroxide). Paid a lot to clear it and dispose of it and it gave the lady a bad skin rash, when messing with it, necessitating a trip to the ER.

thank for the heads up…I checked we got the Food Grade…wowl….don’t need a trip to the ER at this point…

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I make a ton of sausage, smoked fish and jerky so i always have a bag of pink curing salts on hand. But ive only used borax in my table water. Ive tried different things but it always turns to a red rusty mess no matter.

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So, does the Borax work well?

looks like it was brought up from the Titanic

Did you test the pH?

No, i havent rested it. My water is already between 7 and 8 from the well.

Certainly does have a lot of “character” to it :rofl:

I used Borax for a year on my Crossfire OG with stainless tray. I never got mold or bugs in the tray but the general condition of the water and slats looked like @Dirty_Bill 's table. I used SterlingCool Plasma Cut in my current table and the water doesn’t discolor while just sitting and the slats don’t rust. It’s like $150 for 5 gallons shipped but at 20:1 it’ll treat 100 gallons of water.

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Just cut some stainless steel slats :upside_down_face:


Why has no one done this yet? Stainless steel slats would be a great option upgrade from LS



hey Tom…we are ready to make the solution, but the Nitrite is powder and the other two are liquid…so dumb question…so do i have to add water into the gallon jug to mix the ingredients? the recipe way above says 1/4lb Nitrite (which is only 4oz), 1 tsp physan 20, 1 oz blue …thats not going to mix like a liquid by itself to put in a gallon container. help…Lisa

That’s how I mixed it. Seems to work just fine.

Yes, you mix it with 75 oz of water so you end up with a solution that will make 75 gals of fluid at 1oz solution to 1Gal water.

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Thank you!

I just 5 gallons of Sterling Cool. I haven’t cut with it yet. We will see how it goes. Only used .6 gallons for 12 gallons of water. I might have enough for a while. If anyone is in central Washington and wants some, I’ll sell you some so it doesn’t cost as much and you don’t have to wait.

I didn’t realize how much I would be losing to splash out. I’ve had to mix more fluid several times. I found it leaves a syrupy residue of mixed at the given ratio. The last batch I put in I just eyeballed it and it’s much thinner but seems to be holding up just fine. I also drain after cutting. A little simple green and the stains go away though.