Water pan dimensions

Hello forum, I’m looking for the dimensions of the crossfire pro water pan. Forgive me if this has been asked and answered already, I haven’t been able to find it on here. I’m going to make a one piece pan while I await my shipment. Hoping to avoid those leaking two piece pans.

I don’t own the Pro, but I certainly was not aware of a leaking issue on a properly installed water table.

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Some folks have reported leaks along the center seam and bolt holes. I got lucky with the included RTV. Batch 1 and nary a leak. (Probably see one soon, now that I crowed about it)

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iy you are going to make a pan…why no just weld the one it comes with…will save to time and money

36" x 52-1/2" x 2"

Ahhh! …I would tend to use 3M 5200 Fast Cure Marine Sealant (my go-to) instead of the usual RTV for something like that. Man, that thing’s permanent!

Thanks for the suggestion @Cletus I just ordered some and will try it on mine.

Thank you all for the good suggestions, and thanks Toolboy for the dimensions.

Would this be enough for the seam in the Pro’s pans?? Seems to me it would be…

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Should be more than enough. NOTE the one you pictured is slow-curing (7-days). There is a fast-cure also (white and red package)


please read the instructions carefully…and do not…I repeat…do not put it in your hair…hahahahahah

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In the subdued light I mistook it for the Brill Cream. A little dab done did me.

Hahaha :rofl:

If you’re gonna make a new water table, raise the y axis up and make the table deeper. I love my 4" deep table.


This is one of the very first mods I intend to make to the PRO table… Taller stanchion plates to enable moving material through in both directions!!

I wonder how 3M 5200 Fast Cure Marine Sealant holds up to heat?

I think I read a comment that the provided silicone sealant had failed after cutting some thicker material. Basically the torch got the joint hot as it slowly passed over and burnt the silicone causing it to leak.

I ordered some high temp gasket silicone hoping that add a little extra protection from the torch.

If anyone can think of a reason why using high temp silicone would be a bad idea please chime in.
My last box should arrive in less that 2 hours : )

I was thinking about a three inch deep pan MMfab, is there more to gain with going deeper?

Not sure. I just picked 4 so I know I have plenty of room when I put my oxy torch on there.