Water level and drain

What is the recommended water level. 1/2 the slat or… I also made a drain refill station. It fills with air and empties with gravity. Would I need anything other than the anode stick?

I’ve been running my water up to within 1/2-3/4" from the top of the slat. The closer the better. You don’t need an anode if you’re draining each time

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I put in a new bulkhead valve - from a beer brewing setup I think (Amazon) in the corner and left the anode in the center drain in case I end up leaving it for a few days at a time. Doesn’t hurt anything.

I also keep the water within a half inch of the slat top. Seems to work well and I believe is what Langmuir recommended in a post (not that I can find it :slightly_smiling_face:).