Warning: One or more passes were discarded due to linking constraints

Warning: One or more passes were discarded due to linking constraints.

This is the warning I keep getting.
Let me start from the beginning. I down loaded a file then tried to ad wording to the image & when I create the toolpath it will cut all the out lines but won’t cut the wording I have added.
I am out of hair from scratching my head.
Thank you for your help.

If you add text in fusion you have to select it then right click and then choose explode text.The explode text function creates a outlline around the letters.I prefer useing inkscape to add text.

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The ‘Explode’ function is exactly the way to do this in Fusion 360, also make sure that the font you use is friendly with cutting and won’t create undesirable holes in letters. After using ‘Explode’ to create an outline around your text, try using ‘Extrude’ to preview how the finished product will look with your text added. If letters such as “A” or “O” seem to have parts missing, try a different font.

In regards to the warning message: if you are either cutting out a small part or one with intricate detail, try to reduce your lead-in value so that the lead-in will fit inside the narrow points of your project’s geometry.