Visualizer/Crashing -- Remote Desktop/OpenGL - fixed I think

Hello all, I wanted to share some information, maybe will help somebody.

I was having problems (might still be, have not extensively tested yet) with FireControl failing to display the cut path, and after updating to 20.4 crashing.

I checked OpenGL version and it reported v1.1.

A note about my setup:

  • desktop PC running headless
  • I connect to this machine with a laptop via RemoteDesktop

I discovered that if using RemoteDesktop (RD) then windows will use the RD driver, not the graphics card driver. Well, RD drvier is limited to OpenGL v1.1.

So the fix is to ditch remote desktop! Now I use Google Chrome remote desktop, which does use the native graphics card. Open GL Extension Viewer reports OpenGL 4.0 and FireControl now shows the visualizer path!

If your curious about chrome remote desktop, go here to get started. Just requires Chrome & gmail account.

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