ViperCut 30 (old) with X45 machine torch

Hey guys. I’ve done a ton of reading and generally wont post in a forum anymore without reading a ton first but here i am.

Pro table. ViperCut 30 (the old model). I had it working with the s45 torch but the plunger in the torch kept sticking and misfiring. I really wish i could have bought a CNC ready cutter to begin with. Took it with a grain of salt and bought the x45 machine torch. Got the torch installed and didnt notice it comes with a 2 pin connector setup at first since it is said to be plug and play but found the trigger wires tucked inside the casing. Pulled the two wires out, removed the pins from the s45 torch and put them in the x45 torch in #3 and #6. Just as the Hand torch was. I get the air flow to activate now but the torch does not ignite. I am assuming, with the wiring now the same as it was, that everything should be operational again. what else should i do?

@mechanic416 can you help 850fab with his machine torch wiring issue?

Call me and I will help you out.

i figured it out after something clicked reading some more posts. I hadnt looked at the air pressure. The plunger wasnt engaging in the torch from a lack of air pressure. I guess with the x45 whip being longer, it required increasing the pressure. I dunno. I had it set at 65psi with the handheld and it was down to 40psi with the machine torch. Adjusted the pressure back up and now its cutting again.


OK, glad you got it working. But one question, why the X45 torch? Now you are using 45 amps consumables on a 30 amp plasma cutter.

Also the air line in the X45 torch is larger then the S45 torch. That is why it need more air.

i plan on buying the razorweld 45 in the near future. Just couldnt right now. It does what I need it to do.

As long as it does what you need it for is a good thing. Just a note here. the Razorweld would work better with the S45 or the PT40 torch over the X45.

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