Video - Pro THC Warped Sheet Test and Gamepad for jogging

Video demonstrating THC on a warped piece of 14 gauge. Also using a key mapper to use a gamepad with Firecontrol. Key mapper can be found here (open source and free):


I really need to put mine together lol.Im going to have to get me a gamepad.

I had another user ask me more details on using the gamepad. First make sure your gamepad is recognized by Windows. You can just go to:

or (if it says none found, move joystick, hit some buttons)

If you don’t have one, I use an XBox 360 Wireless controller.

Once you are sure you have it enabled and recognized in Windows download and install the mapper program linked in first post.

Run the mapper, you’ll see a screen like:

Except all the buttons will show [NO KEY]
move the joystick, press a button etc, and you should see the corresponding button highlight on screen. In the picture above I am pressing the left joystick up. Now using the mouse, select the joystick/button you want to map. You’ll see a screen like:

Select the key you want to assign to the joystick/button. In this case I am mapping the UP arrow keyboard to the left joystick up movement.

If you want to assign multiple keys (for start stopping a program etc) you need to press the advance button.

In the above I’ve assigned the Program Stop command from Firecontrol to the red B button on the gamepad.
All FireControl keyboard shortcuts can be found here:

Once you have all your mappings made, save the mapping using the “Save As” button.

This is important, the mapper must be running with the loaded config (it will default to the one you saved) for the gamepad to work in Firecontrol.

hope that helps.


I had commented to someone in one of their video’s about programming a game controller to it. I have a Sherline CNC Mill and Lathe that I programmed one to run in Linux. I call it assisted manual machining. It let’s you position yourself to see the work properly as your commanding the machine to perform functions. A convenience and efficiency that neither a keyboard nor mouse can provide. It is very easy to forget what you programmed into the controller, one mistaken command on the controller will have it’s effect on the work-piece, unfortunately with the controller in your hand while looking at the work-piece does not give you affirmation of looking at the screen. You have to memorize how you programmed your controller as if it were second nature. My mill table has about a .005 depth 1/2" diameter scar from mistakenly plunging the endmill while getting used to the controller.
Got my first UPS tracking number for a 31lb package today, order #12311. I was originally schedule for June shipment, Langmuire is on the ball and ahead of schedule. Oh Rah !

Ouch! I’ve heard that’s why they have those big red Emergency Stop buttons on CNC machines…

FWIW, I use Joy2Key and a USB Gameboy controller to control my CF & Mach 3. Very useful for setting up a job! But, you’re right, if you haven’t used it in a while mistakes can be made easily. Fortunately they aren’t as tragic on a CF as it would be on a spinning Mill!

Thanks for the explanation, I will be looking in to this. Only been up and running for a couple days and already see the benefit of this.

I need to wire an E-stop and limit switches. Sherline make great little machines, but they are basic. Runs Linux EMC2, I have the controller programmed into the Axis interface. My mistake, having Axis set to incremental and thinking I was in continuous. Continuous stops when you let off the button, incremental will go to whatever the preset distance is, and it doesn’t care what’s in the way.

My Crossfire Pro is on the way, but I see already I will have to go ahead and learn how to install limits switches on these gizmo’s. Nothing is worse than hearing the machine bottom out with the motors grinding away because I forgot to change a setting or didn’t home things correctly before launching a program or command. Like hearing the endmill dig into the table. I guess you gotta live to learn.

P.S. Sherline, is also an AMERICAN MADE Company. I didn’t buy no cheap chinesium throw off. MAGA

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Sherline has no electronics or chips? All old stock, old school mechanical switches?

Thanks, maybe this ole fart can make one work :+1:

Mill and Lathe are mounted on my custom made “bedrail” chassis. Stand is recycle bedrails, plywood, white enamel and I have a clear shower curtain lining it. Coolant system is a five gallon bucket with fountain pump. The little drain in front is connected to a pvc pipe that feeds directly back into the five gallon bucket of coolant. Flip up doors/shields on piano hinges. It’s still a work in progress. Notice the RazorWeld underneath waiting for the table begin shipping.

Thanks for this info! Used it to setup an xbox one controller. Got all the keys mapped for the shortcuts that langmuir published. Would be nice to have a shortcut to zero all axis and go to zero. None the less this will be very nice for when working on the opposite end of the table from the laptop.

Only thing I’ll add is that you may want to look at the dead zone and diagonal settings. You get to it by pressing the button in the middle (labeled either L Stick, R Stick, or DPad). I went with a large dead zone and small diagonal setting to try to eliminate wrong direction moves, ie I want to go up but moved the joystick slightly to one side as I moved it up.

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I’ll have to check that out as my initial instinct was to use the joysticks for x,y,z. I noticed the wrong direction moves so I changed the x and y to the dpad and the z to the triggers.

That might be better. Right now I have X & Y on the same joystick, Z on the other, dpad unused.

I have my Xbox controller ready for setup but need time…so many projects and so little time to do them :slight_smile:

Awesome mod…thanks for the info!

I repurposed an X-Box gamepad that I was going to use for my mill and lathe. Bought a proper pendant for those and repurposed the X-Box gamepad for the CF Pro. What a huge improvement in setting up a cut.

Super happy with this new mod! Have used it every time since I installed it.


can a wireless playstation controller work?

It seems so, google “use ps controller on pc”
You may want to narrow that to the version of controller you have, ps2, ps4 etc.
As long as you can get it recognized by the PC, then the key mapping app will see it.

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Which of the antimicro 2.23 downloads do we need? Win 7 here

list of downloads