Ventilation for plasma cutter

Can I safely set up my crossfire pro in my basement?

I have mine in my garage with my house above. Make sure you can properly vent the area. I have 2 10 foot garage doors with a massive amount of air flow. I also wear a respirator.

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In addition to @Phillipw advice, where you need to account for both exhaust and a source of fresh air supply,
I would recommend checking your home owner’s insurance as well…


It’s messy, loud, and a fire hazard. Setting it up in a basement of a home sounds like a bad idea.


Jerry…would you have a fireplace in your basement without a flue going to the outside?
I do not think so…

let’s look at this…

Burning hot metal with sparks…need to fireproof the area real well…
Water splashing…need to make sure the fireproofing is also water resistant…and the floor is not too slippery…or that your wife will kill you coming out with rusty metal on your shoes into the house.

now to the big part…FUMES…TOXIC FUMES…most people do this in their garage with fans on…or have shops with exhaust systems.
the fumes and black smoke/dust will have you living with your plasma cutter when the wife starts finding that everything in the house is covered in black dust from hell…

I have mine in my garage with a dedicated HRV system…that is a heat recovery ventilator system…I am constantly changing outside air for inside air while trying to recapture the lost heat.


toolboy, you make it sound like so much fun! :slight_smile:

it is fun…most of the time

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