Using AutoCad only

Can use straight AutoCad to make my 2D patterns then save the drawing as a DXF, Then use SheetCam to convert to a Gcode and not use Fusion 360 at all?

yes…that is what I do for some of my work.
You can also get inkscape…it is a free download and easy to use and a lot of youtube videos to help

Thanks, that’s what I was thinking I could do, just wanted to make sure. I already have the full version of AutoCad 2020 that I can draw from. I did download Fusion, but it seemed like a lot of trouble to draw in. Thanks again Toolboy for answering alot of my questions.

not a problem… I use 2018 for my AutoCAD…tried conFusion360…and found it …well…con-Fusing…

I use the full version of sheetcam for Post processing…but I do prefer a lot of work in Inkscape…less nodes for signs and curves…Autocad DXF can bog down with an abundance of nodes

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I mainly use AutoCAD 2007 for all my 2D work, export as dxf and use SheetCam to post process.

You could but you should save it as an SVG. It’s a much better file format (smooth curves & fewer nodes). DXF is so last century :slightly_smiling_face: