Used 2x2 crossfire pro

Hello all…im looking for a good used 2x2 crossfire pro system in southern Illinois…i thought maybe someone one here might be upgrading and selling

hey…welcome to the forum…
take a look on Facebook…there are 2 forums on the Facebook
I have seen some on there i believe…

I’ll be selling my 1 year old crossfire PRO with hypertherm45XP in next few weeks Not for sale yet because i haven’t got a call my new one is shipped yet. I’m middle of Michigan. i have new XR on order with new hypertherm 45xp. I’d like to get $3500 for both it comes with lots of consumables. I do this for hobby not for commercial work but i do a lot of metal art stuff on the weekends.

Send me message if interested.

He won’t be able to PM until he posts a couple more times unless @langmuir-reilly can help here…

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@Tigg should now have access to direct messaging!