Upper rail y axis stepper motor mount hole misalignment

I am in the process of assembling my cross fire and have run into an issue where the holes on the plate do not align with the holes on the upper rail. Any ideas on what to do ? I can only attach one image but i have uploaded more to the gallery here

your rails are switched… the bottom one goes on top

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The rails look to be in the correct order, but something is definitely wrong. You should also have through holes where the Y Motor mount goes.

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I am thinking i might have missed this part maybe?

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outstanding! thanks for the quick reply @nicaDd and @TomWS .

For whoever comes across this thread in the future.

I had to rotate the upper rail to where the big hole is on the left side when looking at the table. in addition i had to flip the tube to reorient the holes so they were facing down to make it line up. This is covered in the instruction video but i missed that part . Good luck you got this!