Update available?

I,ve been away from my crossfire for a while. Im wondering why my software upgrade is not up to date or is it ?
My crossfire main page shows “UPDATE AVAILABLE”, however when I click on it to upgrade it loads version 21.12 after installtion my main page shows this:
fire control 20.6
LS-THC V 1.10
crossfire V1.2 (S)
UPDATE AVAILABLE is still lit up no matter how many times I try to upgrade
Whats up with that ?

Not sure but are you using the original desktop shortcut? Because I think the upgrade installs the new version in a different spot. I think I had to create a different shortcut if I remember correctly. If you see two instances of Firecontrol in your start menu that could be the issue.

Someone please correct me if I’m full of it!! :laughing:

The new version of Firecontrol does not uninstall the old version, so you will have 2 different versions of Firecontrol on your computer. If it didn’t create a new desktop icon, you are probably still opening the old one.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since many people are experiencing problems with the new version not being compatible with their computer.


OK I missed the new icon. all is well as upgrade is complete
Thanks much