Unlock the fixed vise jaw

Anyone know how to unlock the fixed jaw so it can slide down when clamping like the moveable side? Looks like it has the taper for it. I would love it if it didn’t pull off my parallels on the fixed side.

There are two small allen head bolts from the back side of the jaw that you need to break loose. I’ll be at my shop in a little bit and can reply with a picture to help point them out.

These two bolts take a 5mm hex key. Break those loose and it will let the jaw spring up and give you the pull down action when clamping.
You can play with how much travel you want the jaw to have by how much you loosen them, I run around 1/2 turn out and it gives plenty of travel for pulling parts down on parallels or the vise body.
Happy machining! :beers:


Thank you!

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