Unboxed my MR-1 to this

So originally I had planned on having a pre-assembled one but the wait was killing me. So I switched my order and my unassembled machine showed up super fast.

When I got the package, the box was in perfect shape with zero damage. When I finally got around to opened it i discovered the pan took some damage. The outside rails are all wavey. I should be able to take a straight edge and tap the rails with a mallet to get them back straight. The floor of the pan has been beat up also. Im just hoping the Y won’t be too affected from the distortion to the pan.

Nothing I can’t fix but damn it……I work a lot so it will slow my process down quite a bit.

Wow, sorry to hear that. Maybe just get some pictures and throw an email to Langmuir to let them know. I had damage to the touch screen box. It was totally destroyed but thankfully the monitor worked fine. I still let them know just so they could change practices later if they received enough reports of damage. Good luck.

I now realize what happened and how it happened. The enclosure was placed on top and Al that weight along with the transport just hammered it.

As for LM doing anything, everyone on FB that had the same issue were told to beat it out.

Maybe they can stabilize the pan better by using spray in packaging foam.

Wow ya that is disappointing. Well at least you can take that 88 fieroGT for a drive for a sanity break and then it will all work out… nice…

No, I can’t because the motor has to be pulled in order to get to the timing chain cover that just showed up today. :pensive:

I need to finish the willys that’s above the Fiero first tbh

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Ah bummer… :slight_smile:

Well if you want to run a Honda K series motor in it for awhile, looks like @papaG has just about got a kit done you could use in that, made on his MR1! You would love more ponies than the original with a pumped up K series motor.

I put an Olds quad 4 in mine back in the day, and just a +60 hp bump was awesome. Eventually it got a Northstar alum V8 before it left…

Good times…

Willeys sounds interesting and cool also…


I use to love the 88’s but this one has pissed me off to no end.

I see guys are stuffing front wheel drive LS motors in them now. Personally, still not enough power for my liking

Fieros, engine swaps, LS engines… this thread is full of like minded people!
After 6 years and 55K miles as a naturally aspirated LS4/F40 6 speed, this is going in my 88 Fiero and it fits the stock trunk:


holy hell!!! thats a beast!

Wait a minute, that’s not a chevy citation motor!

looks like its gonna need a bigger turbo… obviously :rofl:

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That motor is cool. Sorry for the dumb question, but how come you only have a muffler on “half” the exhaust and straight pipes on the right? Is that a bypass valve there?

I don’t know how you are gonna fit that in there, but don’t care. Just cool.

Thanks! That is a cutout. I wanted to maximize muffling (dual inline mufflers with 3.5" dia and max length 3" diameter) for cruising and daily driving. The cutout is for max effort runs. Thinking about wiring it to a “Go Baby Go” button on the shifter for fun. I plan to dyno the car with the cutout open and closed to see what the gain and sound difference is.

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