Twitch Live Stream CAD CAM

I have been thinking of building a press brake but have never got around to it. Don’t really need one but want one, just in case. :rofl:

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Another Christmas Products Stream.

link to 3D model

xmas moon christmas tree lf tin 2022.dxf (434.9 KB)

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I am going to make a tea and start one more Christmas theme stream session at about 620am mst

:christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

Fusion 3D model of the 4 different hangings

xmas 2022 x4 christmas hangings.dxf (3.0 MB)



Another Another Christmas Themed Stream, I will also out into one forum request of hole section.

this ended up long winded so here is a second part.

the 3d model

xmas sled 2022 lf tin 2d plus.dxf (393.7 KB)

Fireshare link

For 1/8 Material

Warning I have not made this yet. I likely will not get a chance till this coming weekend so there maybe some errors.


Upped to 8mb! Thanks @TinWhisperer!


I’m going to start a live stream at 3:30 p.m. mountain standard Time.

My freight didn’t show up so I have some time to use.

I’m going to look at a few Fusion 360 related Forum issues.

And if I get time from there I’m going to continue adding Christmas projects to Fireshare.

These are some of the topics I’ll look at.




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I am going to get another Christmas project session in today, right now.

xmas 2022 santa slad silhouette tin forum.dxf (67.9 KB)
xmas 2022 santa sled silhouette tin forum v3.f3d (3.3 MB)


I’m going to start another Christmas project live stream session in about 15 or 20 minutes.

345am mst

Also check if there’s any forum issues I can go over in Fusion 360 at the same time.

live stream of these project available for the next 7 days

twitch live stream channel

viewable 3D model

xmas reindeer family 2022 tin forum example.dxf (718.6 KB)
xmas reindeer family 2022 tin forum example v5.f3d (6.1 MB)


4 am MST live stream

Christmas remix Fusion 360 CAD CAM

xmas 2022 reindeer multi layer with tree Langmuir Forum Example Christmas

xmas 2022 reindeer multi layer with tree Langmuir Forum Example Christmas.dxf (1.2 MB)

The little stars are too little to cut


xmas 2022 reindeer multi layer with tree Langmuir Forum Example (251.7 KB)

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I was watching your video with my little boy (3) on my lap this morning. When you started talking, he pointed at your avatar and asked what’s that daddy? I said it’s TinWhisperer. He said that’s a scary TinWhisperer daddy… :rofl: :joy:


Trying to get ready to start a live stream with in hour. 4-4:15 AM MST

3d viewable model and fusion download

live stream link
Fireshare Download

xmas 2dplus example tealight deer tree forum 2022 v1 forum twitch stream 14GA.dxf (509.8 KB)

More Christmas Themed things

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I plan on starting a live stream at 6:00-6:15 a.m. mountain time today.

I may try to get another Christmas themed project " (remixed) created" and uploaded to fireshare.

I also browse through the Forum and take a look at some Fusion related topics.

I’m taking the day off from my normal toil (Remembrance Day here in Canada) Maybe we’ll look at a remembrance Day related project too.

6:03…I’m waiting for a Windows update to finish…

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Hey TW, your muted or your mic is not working.

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thanks @Wsidr1 i figured it out I’ll be back on in 5

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Live stream from this morning .

Tree design

Sled design

3d model and Fusion file

Twitch Stream

Fireshare project Link

Xmas 2022 sled remix forum tin.dxf (868.5 KB)

please upload pictures of you make any of these projects.


Thinking of another design session in 15 to 20 minutes.

12:45-1PM MST estimates start time

One design I want to get ready is a Crow with “Nevermore” written below it for my wife.


Planning another live stream tonight.

8PM mst

Mostly random CAD work,I have nothing in mind in particular.

If you have anything in mind post below.

I do enjoy doing these streams.

Don’t forget you were going to do one on 2d settings

I haven’t, like I said I’m doing more research and coming up with a lot of “new” stuff.

But tonight I can run through a simple piece of quarter inch plate.

I have a a few sheets in my truck I have to unload still.

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Simple Plate Model from the first part of the video

I talked about this topic issue at the one hour mark of the video

The Wasp model from the end of the video

I’ll continue the CAM for the wasp in the future.

Thank you for watching.