Trouble with dross

I have tried different speeds and amps but still get lots of slag on my parts. I am using razorweld 45 cut chart. On the up side, I found out that a cold chisel and hammer will take off dross in big chunks. I am spending 5 mins to cut parts and 20 mins to clean them up. Please help.

ok…we need to get some information to help

which table are you using?
are your consumables in good shape?
what plasma machine are you using?
what thickness of material are you trying to cut?
what settings are you using to cut the material…IMP…pierce delay…air pressure…?
what about your air quality? is really dry air?..what sort of filtering or drying stsme do you have.

with this information we will be able to help.

Crossfire pro, just changed consumables, razorweld 45, .125 hot rolled sheet steel. Running 50 ipm,.6 pierce delay, air pressure at 90 psi, I have dessicant in line air dryer. I drain tank after every use.

What amps is desiccant the only dryer you have?

Sorry, 30 amps and yes only have in-line air dryer

It seems to me, at least on my intricate projects, dross is unavoidable. I spend more time cleaning a 16 gauge intricate cut out than I do the larger parts. I have thick dross on my 10 gauge cuts but it falls off with a fingernail.

Try using a wire wheel on an angle grinder both towards the edges then out from the edges, then flap disc whatever doesn’t come off.

Show us some pics of you want more guidance.

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Try 35 amps at 60 ipm. You’re gonna have to have an additional way to remove moisture. At the very least a motorguard filter.

Sometimes the design itself can be composed of a 100 little line segments that look like its just one but the machine will slow down to cut it and dross will be horrible.

be very careful of using a motorguard filter for moisture stoppage…I posted a video on the forums showing what happens when you do not change the filter often enough…it will corrode and possibly send dirt particles down stream…

Motor guard are to last filter of particles unless you change them every 30days…as the manufacturer states…

best build a cheaper copper air cooler or have a refrigerated cooler and then desiccant at the end…just before the final filter…

I have a copper cooler…dessicant beads…then a motorguard…any my cuts improved 100% recently…gonna add a refrigerated dryer next week.

I’ve got a dryer after 20 feet of black pipe then have motorguard after the dryer motorguard filter is aways dry

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Thanks for all your help. I am getting a better air dryer. I increased my feed and the dross got better.