Trimming issues

I havent been using fusion 360 for that long so its still all kinda new to me but I have just recently come across an issue that I have not had before. The trimming function seems to not be working properly, its only allowing me to trim certain lines. I click on lines I would like to be trimmed but nothing happens, am I missing something? I dont know what changed it started doing it out of nowhere for some reason.

I had this today, had to “delete” instead of trim and it kinda showed me other issues with the drawing that I then fixed but WOW what a headache…

A lot of the times you shouldn’t have to delete or trim anything. You can use the extrude command to extrude what you want or don’t want making the sketch trimming moot.

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WOW, never thought about that usually my sketch is so busy that I really need to clean up the excess…

Using bodies and layers of sketches really helps with work flow.