Touch probe problem

Hi all,
Can anyone help me with a touch probe & tool setter problem.
The touch probe LED are flashing.
Have powered down and restarted.
Tool setter also has the same issue.
Contacts are clean on both.
Went to make a tool change. Hit the icon , chamfer tool went to tool setter and touched off. Retracted about .4 to .5 and proceeded to go back down real slow. Error appear on display saying tool setter switch open and no contact in the set distanse.
Touch probe started blinking after that. Now touch probe not working either.

Is your electronics box mounted in the Stock location? Also have you tried using the test feature and watching the lights at the bottom of the screen?

Both touch probe and tool setter sit there flashing thier led’s. The touch probe/tool setter display lable at bottom of scrern flashes in sync with led’s on devices. The test button appears to work showing switch fuction on both.
Langmuir is sending a new controller.

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Is your controller box mounted to the leg using the 3 rubber spacers? It is crucial that there is no metal contact between the controller box and the enclosure and/or table.

I have the same issue as well. Controller box is mounted in original location with no grounding to frame or enclosure. I just put in a support ticket. Thank you for bringing this up @tlyons