Total newb here

So stepping into a plasma table for the first time. I was close to placing an order for the crossfire then saw the pro unit coming out. So I am in on a pro unit and will be waiting till January.

The last time I worked in a fab shop was in the mid 90’s and looking to get back into doing my own hobby stuff and building a truck with my boys.

My last experience with a table was when we cut out undersized steel templates for a trace pattern and used a torch on a flame table.

So real old with no experience with CAD. Getting some good info from the site but where would you recommend someone like me start as I have some time to learn before items ship. Willing to spend the time to learn and get my kids into building and creating.

Look on YouTube and get fusion 360 figured out. It’s not horrible but it does require some basic knowledge and you can get quite a ways. I too started with ZERO experience in this stuff.

I think a lot of us are using Fusion 360 (free for hobyists) and Mach 3. This is the software that you see on the Langmuir video’s for the 2x2 Crossfire table—I suggest you watch all those (not the assembly vids, but the software stuff). I dabbled in Fusion 360 a bit then I took an online course through a website called Udemy (link ) it made things a whole lot clearer. Setting up cut paths will still lead to some frustrations and sometimes you have to tinker with settings to get things just right but in the end it’s super rewarding and you’ll find that once you’re no longer intimidated by the software it’s pure fun.


Inkscape and sheetcam, frustrationless