Torchmate fusion 360

Can i use torchmate with my crossfire pro

I have fusion 360 and it crashes every computer i try. I did a zoom call with autodesk and they could not fix it

Why would you want to use Torchmate? You don’t have to use Fusion at all, but Torchmate seems to be proprietary software for Lincoln plasma tables.

I don’t use Fusion for anything and there are a number of Langmuir table owners that don’t use Fusion. Any CAD program that can export a DXF or SVG file can be used in combination with Sheetcam to create cut files for your table.


You have to use Firecontrol with the Crossfire Pro.

I don’t use fusion either, I only use the vector drawing program Affinity Designer.

Do you know the difference between design, toolpath, and motion control software?