Torch will start but not move

Crossfire XL 45XP Hypertherm been cutting all day. All of a sudden torch goes to first pierce point fires, and doesn’t move. If I turn off torch it runs the program. Table is grounded, and so is torch. Changed out consumables several times. I’m stumped🤦🏻‍♂️ Any ideas??

Kobalt two stage 175 max psi
15.8 Cfm @ 90

does your torch fire by hand?
are you using firecontrol?..if so can you manually fire torch from the program?

Yes torch fires. Not running fire control. This is the OG XL table. It goes to its first pierce point fires then never moves. If I shut off the Hypertherm program continues. I cut for 4 hours this morning ate lunch then when I went to start up it did this. Rebooted. Reinstalled mach3…. No idea.

It also stops at the same code everytime. M03

Sounds like electrical interference from the plasma cutter, I would advise starting here:

  1. If laptop, run with it unplugged. If desktop, remove the grounds from the PC and Monitor plugs or use adapter as pictured below (DO NOT use the little screw tabs).
  2. Move the Plasma cutter as far away from the control box and PC as possible
  3. Ferrite slugs on both ends of the USB cable.
  4. Ensure the Langmuir control box is electrically isolated from the

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Thank you Sir. Laptop, about 20 ‘ away. I will make sure it’s unplugged. How do you isolate the control box?

Also it stops at the same code everytime. M03

Start by taking it off the machine and resting it on an adjacent support (foot-stool or similar) to see if that helps any. Maybe you can devise a plastic mount for it that eliminates electrical connection between the case and table.


Perfect! Thank you.

Thanks to everyone that helped. It was definitely an interference issue. Cutting great now.


Great! … That’s what I like to hear! Will send @langmuir-daniel my invoice! :rofl: :rofl:

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