Torch Will Not Fire Titanium 45a

So I have been working with Langmuir tech support for a while and can not get the Plasma torch to fire while in the machine. It will fire by pulling the trigger and if you jump the plug. When you manually fire it through fire control nothing happens, and there is no relay click so i ordered a new one and installed it thinking that was the issue and it is not. A red light comes on on the control board when I try to fire the torch manually and turns off again when I hit torch off. The IHS icon is lit green on Firecontrol even tho I Turned it off in Fusion 360. The crossfire will run a program in dry run mode or normal cutting mode but still wont fire the torch so I am at the point where I dont know what else to do and any advice would be great. (one last thing to add is when the Titanium is on and you plug in the Torch on/off connector the torch fires for a second automatically then turns off)

could be the control board is bad. I suppose you can pull the relay and put a meter to the pins and see if you get continuity when you press the manual fire button in firecontrol.

Did you use those connectors supplied in table kit? if so remove them and solder the two torch fire wires to plasma torch fire wires inside titanium machine. make sure you are splicing into right wires inside the Titanium.

It is most likely wired wrong.