Torch hose relief

Is there a standard or great way to get that nice looking loop for relief on the torch hose as it comes from the mounting block on its way to the cable management system? I tried zip ties and it just looks horrible or falls over instead of making that ponytail kind of upright loop. Thanks!

In my experience, Hypertherm torches have a stiffer hose and you get that loop result with little effort. My everlast required a few twists to stiffen the 12" or so behind the torch body enough for that same result. Just twist the torch a couple times or until you get your desired result.

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Thanks for the tip. I was reading in the manual to avoid loops and cross overs b/c of interference that can occur from the plasma torch wire. Is that primarily just around the control box that is could cause some type of interference? Guessing that is the case so then it would be okay to twist at hose/wire going into the X axis torch.