Torch height going through consumables

Seem to be going through my consumables kind of fast what is a good setting for the torch height? Running the old table hypertherm 45xp

.06 is a pretty standard height for mild steel and stainless steel.

Water vapor in your air and vastly short in the life of your consumables

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Thank you I greatly appreciate it just seems like they’ve been going through them or I already emptied all the water out of the water traps and the tank

What all do you have for air drying equipment.

Do you have a desiccant cell?

No I just two filters plus the filter on the back of the hypertherm

So you have no drying capability at all it would seem. I think you’d benefit from adding some. I have an after cooler hooked up between my compressor head and the tank and that takes out virtually all of the water right now. I think as summer progresses it will not get it all so I am gathering the parts to add a desiccant filter right before the plasma cutter to get as much of the remaining moisture as possible.

This is the after cooler installed you still need a little plumbing to get it hooked up but check out youtube for some instructional video on this method.

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Not cheap at $500, but Harbor Freight sells a refrigerator chiller for drying compressed air. Mail order only. There are 1 or 2 youtube videos showing setups, one by NTDRacing in particular. I have one coming and will report back once I am using it, but it will be a while before I have anything useful to say.


Looking into it ordered a moto guard to go with my to water traps and the one I have on the back of my hypertherm I’ll put the motor card after the two water traps and before my hypertherm see if that works. Or if I’m going to have to go with a dryer

At a minimum you will want to add a desiccant cell.

This one is good value

This is the standard you’re trying to achieve.


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