Torch Firing stops early in progam

Just got Colossal 50amp trigger arch, china plasma (will be upgrading when I get money) The plasma works if I manually fire the trigger, cuts etc. When hooked up in Mach I can get the torch to fire. Problem is when I run a program (I’v tried two different ones) it randomly stops very early on in program and I get an error message or something as the “reset” button is lit up. Sometimes it won’t even fire. Mach is communicating as the air will flow but no arch. Program will stop and not run after the error occurs.

I can dry run the programs no problem. I have the pierce delay at .5 sec. I have the motion control plugin installed in the mach plugin folder. mach is registered. compressor is 25-30g I think 5hp and seems to be dry air. Running laptop plugged in. Again I can cut with it, just not through a program. The few things that cut were not good either. It cut two different circles that looked hideous. a couple straight lines looked ok.

I’m thinking bad connection in the torch wires?
Could the condition of the metal be an issue?
I’v tried 1/8 and 1/16 offset.
Using the .3-.5 bar pressure the plasma suggests
I’v tried grounding clamp on slat and on metal

Figured Id start a new topic bc alot of guys seem to be running the razor weld and seems the machines and or the torch cooler thing was the root of their problem.

any help would be appreciated, I don’t have internet at my shop so its whatever I try I have to do then come home and redo or research then go back to shop, so its a slow process. I’v had issues with everything so far when it has come to this whole deal. I’v been fighting through them all and expected to have issues with it cutting. thanks

That particular plasma cutter is a high frequency unit and is not compatible withe CrossFire electronics. An early of customer of ours was able to irreverisbly destroy his motion control by using a similar HF unit.

Thanks for reply. So not all “non drag” start cutters are compatible? I thought only high frequency start are the drag style and all trigger start are non high frequency. I don’t see the difference in this vs the lotos, as they are identical china units. Again mine is a trigger start plasma.


Yes you are correct in that not all ‘non contact’ plasma cutters are compatible. They must also use blowback start. Check out this page for more info and a list of compatible plasma cutters:

well time to find a new cc to buy a hypertherm on. Now I got two plasmas I barely use sitting around. Guess I learn the hard way. The long journey continues. Thanks for the support.

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