Torch doesn't fire after moving to next cut

Ok, finally a mechanical problem, instead of a cad problem, I Think. LOL. I wish I would have gotten the exact msg, but was in a hurry to finish a sign. Problem I had, is the machine would cut fine, on starting cut…then next cut torch would raise up, and I’d get a error in Fire Control I believe it said something about torch not having enough slack…but there was plenty of slack. I could manually tell Fire control to regenerate g code from current spot, and it would cut that section, till it would lift and go to the next cut. Any thoughts…I skimmed over the forum but I might not be typing the correct working. Also even though slightly different visual issues, both had the same Fire control error

Video not sure if it helps (headphone users beware, I have muted the audio)
Attempt 1:
Attempt 2:

If you have plenty slack in your cable make sure ihs switch is clean

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Thanks, didn’t think to check that.

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I have not had that error code but I have had that behavior and often. For me it turned out to be: not enough torch delay time. I have a hypertherm 45xp and with my set up, I need a minimum of 0.63 and probably closer to 0.64 seconds of torch delay. If it is less, I am needing to regenerate and recut nearly every time the torch resets.

Check your torch delay and make sure you have not put in a stray 0 before the numbers. I got in my mind that .63 seconds delay was 0.063 as I was confusing the numbers with the kerf width. That wouldn’t even cut anything but it threw the same error code. My error code basically said that the torch started to move before firing and the error mentioned several things I needed to do. And…none of the things it mentioned included increasing the torch delay number.

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