Torch delay when starting cut (Fire control & Sheet cam)

Hey everyone ive been running into a delay in cutting when i run my program. Every new start cut seems to be off by one second, I tried changing my pierce delay on sheet cam to 0 seconds and nothing changed. anyone have any pointers?

my set up is:
hypertherm 380
crossfire xl
2x 30 gallon craftsman air compressor
1 CFS harbor frieght air filter
1 2 stage desiccant filter
1 single stage filter

@langmuirsystems anything on this with sheet cam?

If its been cutting for the last three months like that then most likely it is the plasma cutter. The Hypertherm 380 is a Chopper design and was made for Hypertherm by Miller. These plasma cutters have a longer then most arc delay so that may be what your seeing.

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Doesn’t sound like a good choice for a CNC Plasma table…

whats the best plasma in your opinion?

What you have is what you can afford and as long as its working then use it. What do I think is the best--------- what ever works for the person using it. I really have no opinion on whats best.

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