Toolpaths are outside the part im trying to create (noobie to this)

So I’m trying to design a basic part to cut, after watching the videos on how to design and post process everything I can’t help but think I’m missing something or not doing something right. I have added screen shots to help figure out what I’m doing wrong. I apologize if this has already been discussed.

I’m using a Razorweld 45 as well as a crossfire 2x2

Check out this first video and see if it helps this basic series I made of videos.


The one thing that stood out to me, and keep in mind that I am a complete noob here, is that your kerf is set to 0.55

That would be why Fusion 360 is setting your centerline for the cut so far out.


What would be a better kerf?

@arod1087 .055
Ur are telling fusion your kerf is 1/2 inch wide


Think of kerf width like a saw blade. So if your saw blade has teeth that are 1/8" (.125) thick it will produce a Slot in the wood as it cuts 1/8" wide. Kerf width in plasma is the same but instead of cutting with a saw blade you are using a torch/flame. Just like the saw blade that flame controls the kerf width.
you can not control kerf width, with software.

The razor weld has a kerf width of approximately .055, you can measure the size of the slot after you cut and verify this but .055 should be very close