Today's project: caster plates on the crossfire

We built some new tire racks, these will hold ten tires each and will be loaded on the trailer each day of a race, we need one for each track and one for the shop.

Today I cut the caster plates and gussets to carry these racks out of 3/16" plate. All went very well this morning.
Once again the Crossfire proved to be a great tool to have in the shop.


I miss the days at the track, when I use to go with my cousin, he really had it figured out and said that he knew how to make a million dollars racing, So I asked him how and he told me to start off with 5 million.

Plates look good.

Good luck and be safe.

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Ah another connecticut guy! thats one hell of a shop! ours is pretty cool, but too packed full of crap lol

I think we can all relate to that :smile:

We should do some CT Crossfire meetup and toss back a pint or two and complain about not having enough time to play.


And hit a bucket of golf balls…

We scraped everything I cut today, decided to go another way with the mounts. We mocked up the new design tonight, much more complicated but stronger and wider stance to prevent tip-over.
I wasted a bunch of 3/ 16" plate.

I wish I knew how to trace these templetes in fusion, would be so much easier.

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take a photo with your camera (with a ruler next to it). Then import it into Inkscape, do a “trace bitmap” and then size it so the ruler is sized in Inkscape as it is in real life. Save the vector trace as an SVG, bring it into Fusion and do the toolpaths. Easy peasy.

Best to do an overhead straight on picture and then size it in Inkscape instead of trying to get a good close-up with your phone. You eliminate the distortion and make for a clean image without shadows.

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New parts, we changed the plan for this build, more parts to cut on the Crossfire.


Nice. You know you could have made them out of 1 piece of steel and bent it to shape with a 20 ton hydraulic press brake :wink:

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I thought of that, would be nice but I know how busy you have been. Didn’t want to bother you.

These will have to do.

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Those look plenty beefy

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You already had plates cut. I would have just made up the ears and welded them to the outside of the plates, would have worked just as well.

That would not have given us the extra stance width we were looking for, with the second round of plate we were able to push the casters out another 2" so when we roll these racks through the pits they are not too top heavy.

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They have to be beefy, with ten tires and wheels, 2 nitrogen bottles, various crowbars etc. These things will be around 1000 lbs loaded and pushed across sometimes rough pit pavement.

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On fusion there is a really easy way to import and calibrate a photo. Take your pattern and mark out a known distance with a marker. (Let’s say 3in) then shoot a straight photo or toss it on a scanner. Then in fusion on the right side of the top tool bar you can import an image. select your photo and Plane. Then on the left side of the screen you will see canvases right click on the one you imported and select calibrate. Then click on one side of your 3in mark, then on the other side of the 3in mark, then type in that the chosen points are 3in appart. Boom now it’s calibrated and you can just sketch over the top to create your DXF. Hope this helps, I use this method all the time


That does help, I am going to play with that today, I would really like to be able to make this work in fusion.

Thanks man.

The way that they are telling you is exactly how I have done vinyl in the past this picture is of my sisters car then I measured the distance of the door, front to back then I enlarged it until it was the proper distance and laid out the pony’s that she wanted in vinylmaster.

here is the finished product

I also did daddy’s stripes on his motorhome the same way.

Good luck.

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Just to update this thread a little, these tire racks are almost done, they will go off to powder coat next week.

I had to cut the plate for the nitrogen tanks twice due to design change, I cut the tie down hooks 3 times now, we want to make them as nice and cool as we can so we keep designing them after we tack them on.

All in all it is going pretty good, more work then we anticipated. These racks will be great when they are done.


This project is looking very good.

Nice work.