Today Is A Good Day

I think i received my crossfire in late may to early June. I didnt get a chance to open and assemble it until probably July. Ive had extensive damage to my dominant arm and shoulder for awhile. I couldnt stand it any longer and mummbled and groaned until it was assembled and ready to go.
Straight out of the gate i had a problem. It turned out to be a usb cable issue which someone here suggested getting a new one and problem fixed. The next issue was stressful but ignorance on my part. no RNR found. I didnt know it needed to be plugged in to the table. I finally run the break-in. Aaaahhhh. Scratched that itch.
It has sat dormant since July 4th. Lonely in the corner calling me. Im chicken winged at the moment so it sat. I have two more weeks to go before i can remove the furniture from my right side for good.
Well, this pas t friday, August 14 I went ahead and paid for the full license and decided it was time to play. Off with the furniture and my CF has come down with a case of cabin fever from being isolated. X axis is running 2:1 and Y axis 4.5:1. The community here came through again.
Now after all of the jibberish, Im not too tech savey. Im a carpenter and a welder. The idea of backing up or copying my software license to a flash drive and uninstalling all traces of mach 3 had me pacing the floor. It didnt help that my wife says the only reason i wouldnt foul up an etch-n-sketch is because its mechanical. I followed the wise advise of those here and BOOM! I ran a test with a sharpie and 12" x 12" square with scaled measurements in the square was perfect. Distance as well as squareness.
The reason I put this in the troubleshooting category is for this reason, If your system is going nuts, causing problems and stressing you, uninstall it and start over. Go through any files that might contain any part of the mach3 program and delete it. If you have a full version license copy to your desktop or to a flash drive first.
Ive noticed that replies here are sometimes slow but they are accurate and helpful. At the very least people here will help brainstorm to figure it out if they dont know.
I start physical therapy in two weeks. Ill be restricted to minimal use of my right side and light duty in about 3 months. I cant wait to start putting down material that maximizes the crossfire capacity. Until then itll be no more than i can lift and lay one handed. Its a bummer but its better than not being able to work at all.
Time to celebrate with ice cream.
Thanks for all the help and advice. I hope it will help others


here is to a speedy recovery…


Always good advice :smiley:

Glad things are moving in the right direction!


Good luck !

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thanks I am doing ok right now you see I have a bad attitude I do not care . I will not sit around crying about it ! waste of precious time . besides the g-kids need me right now as I do them.
I have my a crossfire pro to build 1st. and learn with the g-kids… build things with them can you think of a better way ? lol the reason I am still here is to make my wife life miserable lol just a joke she is a great wife is is letting me do this. Thanks again . make every day count.

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Been a busy week. Upgraded my service from 200 to 400 amps to get a 200 amp run to my new shop. Trencher, shovels are awesome last thing is running plugs and lights and its go time.
Smallie you may have responded to the wrong thread but im glad you’re doing better.
As soon as i have a 220 plug ill test to see if my plasma is done right. Ill post on that when wiring is done. Project almost done

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yes I did was at the wrong post sorry .