To TIG or not to TIG, that is the question

Three things.

OK, 1st @langmuirsystems if y’all don’t make it in the CNC Plasma table world you have a future in packing/shipping.

B (:rofl:), those bearing blocks almost… ALOMST got chucked out da winder. But, I knew I needed them.

And finally third, Those of you that welded the water table together, any regrets? I’m at that point now. Thoughts was to bolt it together all lined up, put some water in and go to town (gingerly).


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regret welding the pans…not on your life…best decision…yup…no leaks…no flange…

I have detailed this before…
bolt the two pans together do not use any adhesive…but do clean the sides.
screw is down to the table as the instructions direct…
when you are ready put about 1/4" water in each pan…then fuse the pans together between the bolts…then remove the bolts and finish fusing the seam…
I left around 3/8" of flange remaining…that way there was still some shape to prevent any warp…
put more water in the table and run an air hose gun from the bottom to force aire between the seams…if there are not any bubble…all done!!!
I used a TIG for this…
the water really helps prevent warping of the thin SS.


No regrets about welding the table. I didn’t bother with filling with water. I just bolted it together and welded it on my welding table. I’m a much better table welder than an out of position welder. Clean all the mating surfaces, bolt together and fusion weld the spots between the bolts, alternating sides of the table to keep the heat down. Remove the bolts and grind the bolt slots into a V to get the tungsten in there at the proper angle for fusing the rest of the seam. Go over the corner welds to make sure there are no leaks there.

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I am considering welding a flange almost as tall as the pans. This way, when I cut smaller parts (which happens pretty often) I will only fill half of the watertable. Less usage and less cleanup.

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interesting idea…2x2 water table for small cuts…that so crazy I should have thought of that…

DO IT!! No regrets on welding mine. Way better than messing with sealants. Welded it during assembly process. I’m a novice TIG welder and I was pretty nervous. Did some test welds on some similar scrap material. It was easier than I thought it would be. Had one leak that needed a 2nd pass, pinpointed with compressed as described in other posts.


I’ll probably build a damn for the center once my Xr comes in with a drain & fill for each side. Quicker drain/fill

any of you guys hooked up a tig torch to your cnc table and welded the seam like that?
Here’s the challenge I present to you all!