Titanium Plasma65 Wiring [SOLVED]

I have a Titanium Plasma65. I bought a X45 machine torch to use with it and my Crossfire Pro. I am stuck at the wiring stage.

The machine torch I bought does not hook to the cnc port. It is set up for the hand torch port. I am at the part of the table set up for wiring the plasma cutter. The instructions show a hand torch. That is the correct port but a different torch.

I need to know how to wire this machine torch to the machine so that the software will fire the torch. I have not been able to get any help anywhere.

I am so sorry if I sound frustrated or rude. I have been trying for 2 days to get help with this and have had no luck.

Thank you in advance for the help. I appreciate it.

Assuming that the X45 torch is pinned correctly to work on the Titanium 65 machine, the machine torch plugs into the same spot where the hand torch plugs in.

The CNC port is not for the torch, it is for connecting the plasma cutter to the electronics controller for the table.

That machine uses pins 3 & 4 for firing the torch. The torch on/off cable that came with the table gets soldered to those two pins, Polarity does not matter.

Unfortunately the divided voltage output on that machine is 20:1 and is not compatible with the Langmuir THC. You will have to open the machine and wire directly to raw voltage.

This subject is discussed in this thread Titanium 65 wiring


Thank you. I was finally able to sit down and set this up and it worked. I appreciate the help.

I also will follow the other instructions from the link you shared. Thank you again.

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